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DRG Launches Be Your Own Change campaign!
DRG Launches Be Your Own (BYO) Change campaign aimed at reducing consumer waste from single use plastic items. The campaign is a result of the Bring Your Green Initiative which was sponsored in 2016 by Dayton Power and Light and Vectren. BYO Change seeks to promote living a less disposable life by encouraging the use of reusable mugs, bottles, bags and skipping the plastic straw, with the aim of cutting down on the amount of discarded take-away plastic.
The Greater Dayton Conservation Fund 2016

Among the changes this year are a new point of contact for questions regarding this application. Inquiries should be addressed to Teri Schoch, Partners For the Environment administrative coordinator, by replying to this email or by calling (937) 251-7262.

Another significant change for 2016 and beyond is that this funding application requires membership in Partners For the Environment. An application is attached.

This year's deadline is June 30, 2016. Applications should be mailed or delivered to The Dayton Foundation no later than closing time that day.

Partners For the Environment
38 E. Monument Ave.
Dayton, OH 45402


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Lights Out Miami Valley Fall Program 2016
What:Lights Out Miami Valley Fall Program 2016
When:August 15, 2016 - October 31, 2016
Where:Greater Miami Valley Region
Who:Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm
1000 Aullwood Road
Dayton, OH 45414-1129

Get Your Lights Out, Miami Valley!

It might be hard to believe, but fall bird migration has already begun! August 15th also marked the start of the Lights Out Miami Valley program, an opportunity for people all over the Miami Valley to turn off lights inside and outside of their buildings & homes, barns and businesses & from midnight to dawn between August 15th and October 31st and again in the spring from March 15th to June 1st. Turning off lights helps insure safe passage for our migrating birds! Come October 31st, once the migratory peak is over, lights can be turned on again if you wish. You can read more about this important program in association with the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative at or even enroll your home or business in the Ohio Lights Out Program. We hope you'll join us in this one simple act to help save birds! Take time this season to go outdoors to watch the birds and marvel at the wonders of migration.

It is estimated that 550 million birds die each year from building collisions (Ohio Journal of Science, 2010). Every spring and fall, millions of birds migrate through southwest Ohio on their way to or from their breeding grounds. Birds from hummingbirds to cranes take long distance migratory journeys during different times of the year. An abundance of food and nesting space are two of the reasons for birds living in the Western Hemisphere to migrate north in the spring. Even though migration is challenging and extremely dangerous for birds they continue to do it so that they can ensure the birth, fledging and survival of a new generation of young.

Many birds migrate at night, and lights on tall buildings or aimed at the sky can disorient birds, drawing them into the buildings. This leads many birds to strike windows or circle buildings until they fall from exhaustion. Building collisions are a leading cause of bird fatality during migration in North America. Research reveals that the reduction of lighting through programs like Lights Out have been successful in cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus and Minneapolis. These programs have reduced collision-related bird deaths and by turning out lights, businesses not only conserve energy but also save money.

Buildings that enroll in Ohio Lights Out pledge to reduce lighting by taking as many of the following steps as possible:

  • Turn off exterior decorative lighting
  • Dim lobby and atrium lighting
  • Turn off interior lights or draw blinds, especially on upper floors

These steps should be taken during the peak migratory periods for Ohio:

  • Between midnight and dawn
  • Fall: August 15 to October 31
  • Spring: March 15 to June 1

Lights Out Miami Valley is a collaboration between Aullwood, Brukner Nature Center's Rehabilitation Program, Ohio Lights Out and Partners for the Environment. Lights Out Miami Valley's conservation goal to reduce building lighting and prevent collision-related bird kills supports the following goals of the Greater Dayton Conservation Fund - regional cooperation, education of the public to the value of conservation principles, energy conservation for urban buildings and conservation of wildlife species.

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, an Audubon Center for environmental education and sustainable agriculture, provides activities that increase understanding and preservation of the planet by children and adults through education, research and recreation.

General admission is $5/adult and $3/child unless otherwise noted with an asterisk (*). Members of Friends of Aullwood and National Audubon Society are admitted free.
Aullwood Center programs are held at: 1000 Aullwood Road.
Aullwood Farm programs are held at 9101 Frederick Pike.

Call (937) 890-7360 for more information. Read more on our website.

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